UCC Global Warming Mission

"Global Warming and the Care of Creation"

is a

Major Global Ministry


The United Church of Christ Congregational

What Can You Do?

  • One of the ways you can partake in the UCC Global Mission on Global Warming is to click on the link below and ask Governor Scott of Vermont to please include Global Warming Initiatives in Vermont's 2020 Budget.

Contact Vermont Governor Phill Scott

    • Take the Paris Pledge - Interfaith Power & Light has created the "Paris Pledge". You can commit to reducing your carbon pollution by 50% by the year 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050. IPL will tally all pledges and share these results with the global community in Paris. By living as examples, we will show our world leaders that we believe change is not only possible, but happening now.

    • Calculate your carbon footprint and make energy-saving choices like buying less and buying local at home, in your workplace, and in your congregation. Cutting back on driving and flying is another way to reduce your carbon footprint.

    • Contact your elected officials in local, state, and federal government. Tell them that preserving God’s creation and providing justice to "the least of these" affected by global warming are issues of faith and that it is urgent we enact smart public policies not only to reduce carbon pollution, but also to help communities around the world adapt to a world made warmer and wetter by climate change.

    • Learn more about climate change and what we all can do, at home, at church, in your community and through government advocacy.

    • Support Global Ministries projects that protect the environment.

Other Environmental Issues